Catamaran Charter San Blas: Faro 57 – Lagoon Switch 570

1 - 21 Days - If you're planning a trip to San Blas, the Faro 57' catamaran is the perfect option for your adventure. With its spacious design, comfortable amenities, and beautiful views.

Price / Day (USD)
1 - 12$1,300.00 - $3,300.00
12 pers. max.

San Blas is one of the most beautiful destinations in Panama, and what better way to explore the crystal-clear waters and stunning islands than on the Faro 57′ catamaran. This large catamaran is the perfect option for guests looking for a spacious vessel with ample space for up to 12 persons.

If you enjoy soaking up the sun, the trampoline is the perfect spot for you. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while sunbathing or sipping a refreshing cocktail as the sun sets. The Faro 57′ was built by the famous French boatyard Lagoon in 2004 and has been well-maintained over the years, ensuring a smooth sailing experience for all guests.

One of the best features of the FARO is the ample space it offers throughout. The cockpit is an excellent spot to relax and take in the beautiful views of San Blas. It has two tables and comfortable seating, providing a perfect place to enjoy a meal or a drink while protected from both the sun and rain.

Inside the catamaran, you will find six cabins that can host up to 12 persons. There are four double cabins with en-suite bathrooms, as well as two twin cabins, all designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The cabins are spacious and well-maintained, ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day of exploring the islands.

The FARO also has five paddleboards aboard, so you can enjoy exploring the beautiful waters of San Blas at your leisure. Paddleboarding is a great way to stay active while enjoying the beautiful scenery and crystal-clear waters.

Your Crew

Meet Charlie, your captain and sailing instructor, who has been living on the seas for over 20 years. Originally from South Africa, he has crossed the Atlantic four times and has been working in San Blas for the past six years. Charlie’s extensive knowledge of the area will guide you to the most beautiful islands and the best snorkeling sites. His charisma and contagious energy will keep you entertained with anecdotes and stories from his vast experience onboard. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Afrikaans, and is happy to teach you sailing if you wish.

Joining Charlie onboard is Luz, your sailor-cook from Colombia. After studying cooking, she worked in various restaurants before taking her culinary skills to the seas for the past three years. She also has experience working on large yachts in The Bahamas. Luz enjoys experimenting with recipes from different parts of the world, but her specialty is cooking with the catch of the day. Her aim is to surprise you with delicious food, cocktails, and desserts throughout your journey. Luz is fluent in Spanish and speaks English proficiently.

Together, Charlie and Luz make the perfect team to ensure a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable experience onboard the Faro 57′ catamaran. Whether you want to learn sailing, relax on the trampoline, paddleboard, or snorkel, this dynamic duo will take care of everything while showing you the best that San Blas has to offer.

Lenght57 Feet
Accommodations4 double, 2 Twins


  • Beverages (wine, beer and rum)
  • Crew
  • Kayak
  • Snorkeling equipment

Places of Interest:


Booking Details:

12 pers. max.

Price / Day (USD)
1 - 12$1,300.00 - $3,300.00

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